Visa Process for Maids in Malaysia: Calling Visa, SEV, and MEV Explained

Discover the step-by-step visa process for maids or foreign domestic helpers in Malaysia. Learn about calling visas, Single Entry Visas (SEV), and Multiple Entry Visas (MEV) to ensure legal entry and employment. Stay informed about the latest updates on visa categories and requirements for hiring domestic helpers in Malaysia.


Explore the comprehensive visa process that maids or foreign domestic helpers must undergo to work legally in Malaysia. Familiarize yourself with the different types of visas available at each stage of job processing and understand the significance of the Visit Pass (Temporary Employment) / Pas Lawatan (Kerja Sementara) or PL(KS) for domestic helpers. This guide provides valuable insights into calling visas, Single Entry Visas (SEV), and Multiple Entry Visas (MEV) while addressing the recent updates and requirements imposed by the Malaysian government.

Section 1: Visa with Reference / VDR / Calling Visa

 Discover the crucial first step in the visa process, the Calling Visa, also known as Visa with Reference (VDR). Learn about the medical examinations, Immigration Security Clearance, and documentation required for a successful calling visa application. Understand the role of licensed employment agencies and the option available for expatriate employers to submit the calling visa application themselves. Stay informed about the processing times and recent delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Section 2: PL(KS) – Single Entry Visa (SEV) 

Get acquainted with the Single Entry Visa (SEV), often referred to as the Journey Performed (JP) Visa. Explore the purpose and validity of the SEV, which allows domestic helpers to enter Malaysia once within three months of issuance. Gain insights into the subsequent steps required after arrival, including the application process for the final PL(KS) work permit that grants the right to work and multiple entries/exits for up to one year.

Section 3: PL(KS) – Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) 

Understand the Visit Pass (Temporary Employment) / Pas Lawatan (Kerja Sementara), commonly known as the multiple entry work permit. Learn about the mandatory FOMEMA medical examination, which needs to be conducted within 30 days of the helper’s arrival in Malaysia. Explore the requirements for obtaining a one-year MEV, the employer’s responsibility for annual renewal, and the importance of being employed with the specified Legal Employer and Employment Address.


By understanding the visa process for maids in Malaysia, including calling visas, SEVs, and MEVs, employers can ensure a smooth and legally compliant hiring process. Stay up to date with the latest regulations and requirements to facilitate the entry and employment of domestic helpers within Malaysia’s legal framework 

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