Frequently Asked Questions

  • Combined household minimum income of RM36,000.00 per annum for Indonesian or Cambodian or Vietnam maids, RM60,000.00 per annum for Philippino maids.
  • Have Children under 15 years of age OR parents who are sick/ill
  • Each family is eligible to apply for ONE (1) maid
  • Employer must not have declared bankruptcy previously
  • For second maid, the employer must : 
    • have a valid reason
    • have income under the conditions stipulated by Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • Muslim Employers can only eligible to hire Muslim Maids.
  • Latest original Form J (husband & wife) with combined minimum income of RM36,000.00 per annum for Indonesia, Combodian and Vietnam maids. RM60,000.00 per annum for Philippino maids.
  • Original company letter of appointment indicating position held and monthly salary for both the husband & wife.
  • A scanned photocopy of pay slips for the last 3 months from both the husband & wife.
  • IC Photocopy of husband & wife.
  • 2x Passport-sized color photo of husband & wife each.
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate.
  • Photocopy of child/children birth certificate.

Your maid will be employed under you on a 2-year contractual basis and with the mutual agreement between you and your maid as well as the latest governmental rules and regulations, she can work for you for unlimited years (indefinitely).

As an employer, you are responsible for the welfare of your assigned maid. That includes :

  • Providing enough food
  • Allowing sufficient rest times
  • A designated area for rest and sleep.
  • Basic hygiene and toiletries
  • Medical attention & needs.
  • Treatment with respect and regard to their culture, dignity, and identity.
  • Providing a safe and secure environment for the maid to work in.

You will also be governed by the terms & condition of maid employment by the Immigration Dept of Malaysia.

Report the incident to APL Maid Agency’s customer representative and seek advice on how to lodge a police report to submit to the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Firstly, identify if the requested tasks or the treatment towards the maid from family members are :

  • inhumane
  • disrespectful
  • unreasonable
  • hurtful

to the maid. Despite being from another country, Maids are still human beings, and when their culture, dignity, or safety is being threatened. It is understandable behaviour to retaliate. Additionally, APL Maid Agency provides free consultation and re-training to assist you in handling your maid. Otherwise, should the maid still be under their 3-months warranty period, you are eligible to replace your existing maid with another.

As an employer, try to see your maid as another person here to help you with your daily household tasks instead of your employee. That said, you are not allowed to :

  • Physically, sexually, or mentally abuse your maid
  • Withhold your maid’s salary
  • Deduct your maid’s salary unreasonably
  • Converting their religion without their consent.
  • Unknowingly or force her to consume Pork and alcohol (For Muslim Maids)
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